Our Purpose of existence

This space is created to collaborate with individuals, institutions, organisations and whoever hears the 'call' to Soulidarity.

The causal correlation of a soulful solidarity (Soulidarity) is  a rhythmic transmutation - a process for human subsistence. This impulse, here in the twenty-first century, is necessitated with the rising needs of the new cultural, technological, and environmental conditions that demand a conscious shift in our focus and attention. It calls for, consciously, making meaning and unfolding the tacit nature of subtle processes and their reemergent systemic manifestation which requires an integral four-fold formula for contemplative soulidarity between virtuous beauty (Ihsan) - love (Ishq) - wisdom (Ilm) and just action (Amal).

 Essentially, the cyclical Soulidarity continuum is an existential emergence; at a time, in need for human race’s subsistence on earth, thereby, participating as active agents in cosmic relationality between God (the creator) and (wo)man (the creation). 

It is commonly believed that in an age of virtual connections humans are becoming ever more disassociated than ever before in the history of mankind. One major obstacle that stands in the way of a meaningful change in our disintegrated world is the decline in the solidarity that binds communities and group of individuals together in times of political, financial or environmental crisis. 

on German Jewish critical theorist Theodor Adorno’ s reading of late capitalist societies, the rift between the economically powerful and the powerless has only increased in the twentieth century. With nothing more substantive than exchange-value connecting them, individuals have become dissociated from each other which in Soulidarity terminology, halts its transmutation process. 

An Age of Soulidarity

“Witness your time. Witness between the truth and falsehood of your age.” (Shari'ati)


Every age calls for its own contextual alignment with the anew tension between truth and falsehood relevant to a particular community or society. From our perspective, we believe the integral impulse is an ever-evolving phenomenon with a dynamic integral consciousness of ‘looking backward to look forward’ that reveals itself as per a universal call/truth for the present age. And unless individuals, communities, organisations and societies recalibrate their consciousness to the ‘present’ moment (waqt), an unforeseen collapse takes place.

From a Sufi perspective, Waqt (time) refer [specifically] to the time in which one is. Some people say that the present moment is what is between the two times, that is, the past and the future. And they say that the Sufi is the “son of this moment” (ibn-al-waqt). This means that he occupies himself immediately with whatever sort of devotion should come first in a given moment. He bases himself upon what is required of him at the time. The Sufis also may use Waqt to mean the power and direction of the Truth when it comes over them regardless of their own will.


Renewing the Spirit of Soulidarity (Mawakhat) through Social Innovation 

Subsequently, in a post-truth, post-populist, post Covid-19 world, just as our world (physical) reality (truth) is becoming ever so abstract and fifth-dimensional, a collective awakening is taking place wherein we, the humans, are forced to rise up to the occasion of being the rightful custodians of this planet and with an integral consciousness which can span beyond the limitations of; race and religion, time and space and the limitations of language and belief systems.

Whereas the reluctance to adopt a spiritual language or esoteric modality, though need of the hour, remains ever more the order of the day. How, then, could we normalise or formalise an integral social-economic technology by employing the ancient yet practical wisdom time-locked in almost all the faith traditions? Notwithstanding, there is a risk of leaving behind billions of people who still hold on to their beliefs in times of need and crisis.

Indeed, our call is not to devise a new faith-based language or technology rather staying true to our integral impulse, we are called to remain open to as many approaches and philosophies for our collective human survival on this planet.

In the words of our Tran4m Communiversity Associates (TCA) colleague Robert Dellner; Most of our problems stem from our incapacity to see things in systems, and to create the ability to change accordingly. In large parts because of our bias toward cognitive binary fragmentation, i.e., seeing things through reduction into separate parts to assist our limitations for understanding. 

Integral approaches to any field attempt to be exactly that: to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic. In a certain sense, integral approaches are ‘meta-paradigms’ or ways to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.

The call for Soulidarity impulse, though initially, resides in/with an individual but its ultimate station is to prepare the individual for a collective soul-full societal innovation i.e. by re-gene-rating a society’s padlocked wisdom and traditions that initially came out of their faith-traditions or scriptures. 

From our Trans4m/TCA communal perspective, we believe it is a task not for the academe only but for communities and organisations as well as individuals need to actively play their roles collectively to design renewed social technologies that could serve them better.