Virtual Cooperative Enquiry Circles

Creating an Economy of Love & Soulidarity


A Talk Show with Mark Anielski & Aneeqa Malik

WHAT NOW -A Talk Show discussing the state of economy and society through transition during the pandemic of COVID-19

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the emerging economic contagion that has put all economies on pause, humanity stands at an important tipping point or junction on the road of progress. The economy of growth, which has been fuelled by unsustainable debt money, seems to have suffered a near fatal heart attack. 

Is this the end of the era of globalization and the debt money system? 

Is this the moment in which all of humanity can pause and reflect on our true nature; our purpose for being? 

Is this the time to rethink everything and ask the most serious of all questions: What Now? What shall we do next?

How did we get here from the perennial wisdom and philosophies of past Saints & Sages, the teachings of Jesus and Rumi? 

Is this the time for a new spiritual and economic narrative?

 Are we waiting for a new story to pierce our souls? 

Can we manifest a new dream based on an ecological civilization and love? 

We have invited people from around the world to discuss their personal and professional visions of what is possible once this pandemic has abated and re-imagine a new economic system and order based on a renewed appreciation of our humanity based on mutual respect, love and a loving relationship with Nature and creation. Our goal is simple: to awaken our souls and our collective human consciousness to truths about our human nature that we have long forgotten as if we have been under a spell or asleep. Many are waking up from their deep slumber and ’sobering up' from an economic order based on greed and the love of money to life's deepest truth i.e. our human nature which is LOVE. 

What is also emerging for us is the impulse of what we call Soulidarity or in simple terms the human 'survival instinct' kicking in. We have envisioned and laid out a structure for an economy and civilization of love based on natural laws. Many amongst us are seeing/hearing this as a divine call to calibrate our moral or benevolence compass and reciprocate. NOW is the time!! NOW we are awake. 

MANY are now awake…more are waking up!! 

NOW is also the time/window of opportunity for us provided by these circumstances to peek into human souls/consciousness to give it a little support/helping hand to: 

a) understand the process 

b) initiate and introduce people to a new covenant or charter based on love and ecological principles guided by indigenous natural laws 

c) to share with the world that there is an ALTERNATIVE to greed, selfishness, debt money, how we see/value money, assets, and capital. 

Now is the time to • self-reflect • to take a step back • to ponder • to reinvent ourselves as a universally emergent call! NOW is the time for us (you & I) & many others to come together and join hands in Soul-I-darity.


Read our Charter of Love here.