“A new earth is creating itself through the womb of the human heart.” 
Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Whereas this second stage of (re)birthing, after human emergence into self-awareness, is not to produce a new earth but to evolve human consciousness and to produce a new earth aligned with the ever-evolving planetary culture – the transcendental universality of being. Whereby, from a ‘perennial philosophical’ context, universality here implies to the primordiality and prolongation of ‘universal truth’ as manifested by the diverse forms of revelation, historically, through holy scriptures and various faith traditions. Whereby here in the twenty-first century through integral human discernment into a fifth-dimensional consciousness to find our place in the evolutionary grand design. Ever since their creation, humans have been trying to make sense of their role in this evolutionary co-creation and now finally discerning the depth and breadth of their place in the universe.

The causal correlation of a soulful solidarity (Soulidarity) is, thus a rhythmic transmutation emanating from the root source of Ihsan (virtuous beauty) as a process for human subsistence on earth. This impulse, here in twenty-first century, is necessitated with the rising needs of the new cultural, technological, and environmental conditions that demand a conscious shift in our focus and attention to be reciprocally ‘present’. It calls for, consciously, making meaning in the emergent as well as unfolding subtle processes and its manifestation in matters related to human subsistence, e.g., matters related to finance and economics, social/communal dealings, and societal regeneration.

Essentially, the cyclical Soulidarity continuum is an existential emergence; at a time, in need for human race’s subsistence in times of moral and ecological existential endogenous as well as exogenous threats. It calls for humans to fully embrace their rightful role of stewardship of the planet by participating as active integrators of cosmic relationality between God (the creator), (wo)man (the creation) and the planetary cosmic ecology (the universe) – in the true spirit of Ihsan.

This paper, thus, aims to decode the arcane philosophy and perennial wisdom acquired through a deeper spiritual contemplation, thereby, making meaning of its emergence, in a time in history, where human race is striving to make sense of their role in evolutionary creativity, whilst actively exploring their spirituality, in an age of machine (artificial) intelligence.

On a more personal level, the impulse of Soulidarity, necessitated as an integral calling to act as a unifier between– the inner (implicit) / spiritual, and the outer (explicit) physical realms - of social knowledge and practice. Thereby, positing an integral (universal) methodology postulated through the 4E’s (Ethics, Epistemology, Erudition & Economics/Enterprise) of Soulidarity Economy. 

Soulidarity Economy is, thus, a regenerative pilgrimium (trans-migration) to patch the gap between the spiritual and the physical realms of knowledge/knowing in communal relationality, economics & enterprise-building.