To bring about great change or to propose one takes a huge amount of courage. It also requires a true Vision, insight , and a connectivity with mystical aspects of Economic , Financial and the fundamentals of life and existence. This spiritual approach to transforming and integrating society between the North , the South, the East and the West, will need a new Vision and a unusual use of language coming from an original source and background. This document is very possibly a source of such a transformation and a plan for restructuring the process by which humanity could come to terms with the enormous, and unprecedented destruction taking place in our world at this time. It is brave , it is courageous and quite remarkable. 
ISRA- A Star, is indeed born by which we can now attempt to navigate our way into the future. Congratulations to Aneeqa Malik on this thought provoking concept.

John Hillbery, Ex Banker & Adviser, Bank of America