The Soulidarity impulse takes effect through a 4T’s process of Trans-mutation to Trans-formation:

  • Ihsan > Trans-mutation - Virtuosity

The Ihsan impulse mutates between communities for human subsistence.

  • Ishq > Trans-migration – Divine Love

The Ishq emerges one when is free of worldly detachments, awakening higher consciousness in an upward ascension.

  • Ilm > Transcendental – Knowledge

This is the realm of transcendental knowledge and reasoning. The metaphysical dimension of Ilm bridges the imaginal bifurcation between temporal and spiritual aspects of life.

  • Amal > Trans-formation – Action

The final stage is the realm of Amal – for an equitable action as the rightful viceregent to run the affairs of this world.

The Hikmah of Soulidarity