iSRA - a star is born

Integral Soulidarity Research Academy

A local-global hub for knowledge-creation and knowledge-sharing.

Integral Soulidarity Research Academy (iSRA), is conceived as an archetypal reimagining of the Prophet’s spiritual Journey of Ascension (raising integral consciousness) to socio-economic communal & societal Transformation (Mawakhat). 

iSRA, aims to act as an integrative R&D platform to invoke the ‘spiritus’ of social dealing in matters of finance, economics & enterprise i.e. journeying through a Trans-migrational (trans-local) approach to Transformation. 

Integral Soulidarity Research Academy (iSRA) aims to tune-in to deeper impulses of a universal calling seeking to invoke the ‘spirit’ of integral economics, finance and enterprise through a 4E's process of Ethics, Epistemology, Erudition, Economics & Enterprise.


iSRA 4T's Process
Pathways of Self-to-Communal Soulidarity


Virtuous Beauty






Just Action

Soulidarity Pathways

Ihsan - Ishq - Ilm - Amal

Soulidarity with Universality 

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Our social innovation trajectory is supported by an ecosystem of inventors, catalysts, stewards and facilitators who  carry the process forward. As we believe, social innovation is not a strictly linear sequence – there needs to be people and processes that ultimately facilitate the innovation. 

Aneeqa Malik

Aneeqa Malik

iSRA- Instigator
Soulidarity Stewardess
Economic Mystic

Dr Amjad Saqib

Founder Akhuwat Foundation
iSRA - Catalyst

Prof  Dr Ronnie Lessem

Integral Four-Worlds Visionary
iSRA- Co-creator 

Mark Anielski

Economy of Well-being and Happiness Economist & Visionary

Robert Dellner

Integral Impact Investment Visionary, Peer at Trans4m Communiversity Associates (TCA) 

iSRA 4P's Process Facilitation 
Organisational to Societal Pathways

A 4 P’s process calibration for an overall societal regeneration in an organizational/communal context, delving deeper into a society's cultural topography through Philosophy, Principles, Practices and (integral) Process.

Research & Development

Institutionalising Mawakhat (Soulidarity)

iSRA in collaboration with Trans4m Communiversity Associates (TCA) and other knowledge partners around the world, takes the lead in particularising knowledge for any particular community & society. We envision iSRA as an extension of our wider institutional design of Communiversity embodying Integral Development through Transformational knowledge creation processes on these levels:



Soul Circle